Helmer platelet agitators offer a wide range of storage capacities and provide a continual side-to-side motion for the safe storage of platelets. They feature sturdy, one-piece perforated drawers with non-slip textured coating for uniform air circulation. Delrin® rollers and glides allow the drawer storage platform to agitate smoothly, eliminating the need for ball bearings which wear down and squeak. Platelet agitators are designed to be housed in our incubators (sold separately). They are available in both the i.Series™ and Horizon Series™ lines.

i.Series models feature a built-in motion alarm with adjustable volume and delay. When placed in an i.Series incubator, the agitator can be monitored by the i.Center® Integrated Monitoring System with the AgiTrak™ system.
Agitator Capacity Compatible Incubator
PF15i 15 Random Bags
5-10 Apheresis Bags
PC100i, PC100h
PF48i48 Random Bags
16 Apheresis Bags
PC900i, PC900h
PF96i96 Random Bags
32 Apheresis Bags
PC1200i, PC2200i, PC3200i,
PC1200h, PC2200h, PC3200h
PF396i396 Random Bags
132 Apheresis Bags
Stand alone
Horizon Series™
Horizon Series models are not equipped with a motion alarm*.
AgitatorCapacityCompatible Incubator
PF15h 15 Random Bags
5-10 Apheresis Bags
PF48h48 Random Bags
16 Apheresis Bags
PF96h 96 Random Bags
32 Apheresis Bags
PC1200h, PC2200h, PC3200h

*Horizon Series agitators are not recommended for use in an i.Series incubator.