Helmer offers a wide range of platelet incubators in both countertop and floor models. These incubators provide the security of a continuously controlled temperature environment. All incubator models are bacteria-resistant powder coated, and feature Auto-Stop™ which pauses agitation when the incubator door is opened and automatically resumes agitation when the door is closed. Our controls are located in one convenient location for easy access.

Platelet incubators are designed to house our agitators (sold separately, except for PC4200i and PC4200h models which feature built-in agitators). They are available in both the i.Series™ and Horizon Series™ lines.

Incubator Models

i. Series™
i.Series Models feature our exclusive i.Center® Integrated Monitoring System for advanced monitoring, security, and access to information. They also offer the AgiTrak™ system which monitors the function of agitator(s) placed in the incubator. (Pat. 7,638,100)
IncubatorCompatible Agitator
PC100i1- PF15i
PC900i1- PF48i
PC1200i 1- PF96i
PC2200i 2- PF96i
PC3200i 3- PF96i
PC4200i Built-in
Horizon Series™
Horizon Series models feature an integrated microprocessor-based temperature controller and alarm/monitor with LED display.
IncubatorCompatible Agitator
PC100h1- PF15h or PF15i
PC900h 1- PF48h or PF48i
PC1200h 1- PF96h or PF96i
PC2200h 2- PF96h or PF96i
PC3200h 3- PF96h or PF96i
PC4200h Built-in